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Discover B2B companies in any industry and their contact info from our massive database.

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Find the right decision makers working in a company and their contact details.

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Capture thousands of business leads without advertising, offering free stuff, purchasing outdated lists...

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  • Select your target
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  • Get the email addresses behind any company
  • Find quality targeted leads in any industry
  • Discover the right decision makers
Now you can finally say goodbye to all those time-consuming lead generation methods you've ever tried before.

B2B leads in any industry

The software is very easy to use, with just the input of a location and a keyword Lead Scrape will do all the hard work of finding quality leads for your business.

  • 01 Lead Generation

    Gain more customers and market your business more effectively for less cost.

  • Boost your email marketing campaigns and attract new clients with your new found business email addresses.

  • Find the social profiles for each business (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram...), plus you can see what advertising platforms they use.

Lead Scrape helps you find new potential customers

Get all your potential clients' information at your fingertips.

How great it would be if you could capture thousands of business leads within a few simple clicks?

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Generating sales leads is always the number one goal of most marketing and advertising campaigns.

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With Lead Scrape, lead generation will be as easy as clicking your computer mouse - literally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a lead generation software and why I would need one?

    It's a tool that helps companies generate and nurture leads in order to close more sales. The use of web scraping tools has been in the marketing arsenal of thousands of companies for years.

  • What can Lead Scrape do for me?

    - Find new sales qualified leads to contact

    - Acquire an unlimited amount of potential customers

    - Use our email finder tool to generate email lists

    - Get the contact information for thousands of companies

    - Verify every email extracted is valid

    - Import all extracted data into your lead management software

    - Create massive email lists for your marketing automation platform

    - Create small or large mailing campaigns

    - Put together large mailing list of local potential leads

    - Harvest Data From over 30 countries worldwide

    - Scrape Phone Numbers for Cold Calling

    - Grab Local Businesses Details for your marketing team

    - Start your Local Review Sites

    - Create New Business Directories

    - Offer your Services to thousands of different Local Businesses

    - Use our Web Scraping Software for Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

    - Help your business get more sales

    - Start Your Own Scraping Services

    - Generate more Business Opportunity Leads

    - Find small business to add to your sales pipeline

    - Start Selling Leads to Local Companies

    - Find Businesses that still do not have a Mobile Responsive Website

    - Use our Local Scraper to win new clients near you

    - Use our Lead Generation Software to create Email Marketing campaigns

    - Start a Local Lead Generation for your target market

    - Find the social media web pages for any local business

    - Extract new Local sales Leads, contact them and make new Sales

    - Use our Scraping Tool to give massive prospect lists to your Sales Team

    - Extract data from thousands of local businesses in any trade

    - Boost your email list building process for your outbound marketing

  • Yes. Our software will deliver data in CSV and Excel format and can be imported into any marketing software and marketing automation tool you are currently using for your pipeline management.

  • Yes. Thousands of different local businesses are supported. Most scraping tools out there extract only a fraction of the data our tool does.

  • A lead generation strategy can be described as any action you take to new potential customers. For example, when you communicate with your sales team about lead generation efforts, you can use it to measure or gauge the effectiveness of all marketing communication efforts. Experts frequently refer to lead generation strategies as "the missing link" in marketing and lead generation.

  • Using a lead generation software is far more cost-effective than traditional methods, which require substantial amounts of time and money. It makes it easy to manage your marketing efforts by automating the boring tasks and helping you stay organized.

  • It really depends on what type of web data was extracted and the quality of it. Data extraction from the web is all about quality, not quantity. Our software is a simple email finding tool with a great accuracy rate.

  • It can be time consuming, and finding quality potential clients is surely not an easy task, phone calls, email marketing and lead nurturing can take time, that is why today a company often uses marketing automation and customer relationship tools to help them speed up their job. Automated data extraction can save hundreds of hours to your team.

  • Phone calls and sending emails is not, what makes it more expensive is the time used to find new potential clients.

  • First, you need to generate a list of your local area potential buyers, then find out the business owners, and this point you can start nurturing the list, usually with an email marketing campaign then follow up with a phone call.

  • These days marketers like to keep their advertising costs low. The internet has opened to new ways to find and interact with potential buyers. It doesn't matter if you have a large sales team or you are a one man operation. The first step is to put together a list of potential buyers using a b2b lead generation tool, then start to market to them your products. Don't give up, nurture your leads, show them you have a valid product or service to sell, that you support your customers because in the end what you want with them is a long term business relationship.

  • Yes. Data scraping can help you find new business listings that can you can then turn into customers. Location details, phone numbers and contact emails are always a great starting point. Web scrapers can help you make that first important contact.

  • A lead becomes a prospect when it is qualified to be acted upon. Lead qualification is a process during which a sales representative determines if the lead should be acted upon. The leads must have a good reason to purchase and be able to pay for the product. A good combination of these factors points to a prospect.