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D7 Lead Finder Vs Lead Scrape

Both marketing tools are very similar products, you select what type of leads you are looking for and your target location. They are very easy to use, and you can generate thousands of B2B Leads, in any industry with them.

In order to compare the two programs, we will run the same search and see the difference is results numbers, speed, data returned...

D7 Lead Finder is a cloud application while Lead Scrape is a desktop software. Aside from that, the results they return are very similar, Lead Scrape has some extra fields like contact names and number of employees, while D7 returns customer ratings.

Both programs at the end of the scrape will return an excel or CSV file with all the data extracted from each B2B companies they found.

With either you will get lists of businesses and their contact details.

Let's see how the two programs compare

For our comparison we choose to use the keywords "Restaurants" and "New York NY" as the location, both programs at the end will return a file with all the data that you can use in Excel or any database.

D7 comes in 3 different versions, prices vary from $25 to $95 a month, Lead Scrape comes in two versions Standard at $97 or Business $247 for a one year subscription (in monthly payments that would be $8 a month for the Standard version or just under $21 a month for the Business)

We are going to compare the $47 a month of D7 with the Business version of Lead Scrape.

Number of results

D7 Lead Finder returned 1220, Lead Scrape Business returned 3400. When it comes to the number of results, Lead Scrape wins. We tested a few other keywords (see image), and Lead Scrape consistently returned more leads.


D7 finished in about 5 minutes, while Lead Scrape took about 40 minutes. When it comes to speed, Leads Finder wins by a long margin.


Lead Scrape returned 848 emails, Leads Finder returned 512. If we look at the final count Lead Scrape wins, but if we look at % or businesses to email address, then D7 has the edge.

Both program will return business emails for your cold email outreach in your email marketing campaigns.

One thing to keep in mind is that Lead Scrape comes with a free email verification service, apparently D7 Lead Finder does not, when we checked the 848 emails returned from Lead Scrape with an external paid email verifier, 2% of them where tagged as invalid, when we tested with the same email verifier the 512 emails returned by D7, 9% where tagged as invalid.

This means that if you use their service you will need to always use an external paid email verifier to confirm the emails returned.


Lead Scrape returned 728 contact names of people working at the company (usually the Owner, Ceo or Manager) D7 does not return contact names.

For the rest of the data returned, the two programs are very similar, they both extract address, phone numbers, social media addresses, email address, advertising platforms...

Both programs support any niche in the US and in many countries worldwide.


As you can see from the comparison, the two programs are very similar, they extract more or less the same kind of marketing data, and the way they work is the same (add the keyword you want to search and the location, then let the program do the rest...)

If you are looking for results fast, then D7 is best. If you are looking to find more results, validated emails, contact names, then Lead Scrape is the winner. With both programs, you can scrape a city at a time or multiple cities. D7 has a daily number of leads you can extract, from 5,000 a day to 50,000 a day depending on what plan you have purchased, Lead Scrape has no daily or monthly limits.

Both programs are a great tool for anybody trying to put together a list of prospect leads for their business.

As always, the best way to see what software solution is best for you is to test both of them out. You can find a link to both trials below.

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D7 Lead Finder Website

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