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  • - Generate massive lists of potential customers
  • - Use the emails extracted for Email Marketing Campaigns
  • - Use the data for Direct Mail Campaigns
  • - Create Online Business Directories
  • - Offer your own Scraping Services
  • - Offer your web design services to companies with an old website

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Limited to X Results

No. You can download as many leads as you want. The only limit is set by the directories we scrape, but you can scrape smaller areas at a time to offset that limit.

Do I need Proxies?

No. Lead Scrape comes with his own set of proxies (updated every five minutes).

How are results saved?

Lead Scrape saves the results in CSV and Excel format. You can then import the exported file into any database you want.

Can I import the data in our CRM?

Yes, most CRM systems support CSV, so you will be able to import the extracted data into your CRM, Excel or any database.

Can I install on iPhone or Android phone?

No, the software is a desktop app available for Windows and Mac OS.

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