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Lead Carrot Vs Lead Scrape

These two marketing tools used to be very similar products, recently Lead Carrot has moved more into the CRM marketplace, but it still supplies a lead finder option, so we will compare this section of their software only, to Lead Scrape.

The logic is identical for both, you put the type of business you are interested and the location (ex. Dentist and Miami FL), and they both return a list of B2B businesses and their details for that search.

In order to compare the two programs, we will run the same search and see the difference is results numbers, speed, data returned...

Lead Carrot is a cloud application while Lead Scrape is a desktop software. Aside from that, the results they return are very similar, and in the end, you will get an excel file with all the details found for each company.

You can import the data extracted into any email marketing tool for your campaigns.

Let's see how the two programs compare

For our comparison, we will use the keyword "Dentist" and "Miami FL" as the location, since we used that example above.

Price-wise, Lead Carrot has a Starter version for $47 a month or an Enterprise for $297 a month, Lead Scrape has a Standard version for $97 a year and a Business version for $247 a year. For this test, we are going to use the Starter version of LC and the Business version of LS.

Number of results

Lead Carrot returned 1118, Lead Scrape returned 2229 leads.

When it comes to the number of leads returned, Lead Scrape wins. in this case, it found twice as many leads, but in other searches, the gap is even wider (see the image of other searches below)


LC finished in about 1.5 minutes, while LS took about 40 minutes. When it comes to speed, Leads Carrot wins by a big margin.


Lead Scrape returned 332 emails, Lead Carrot returned 144. If we look at the final count Lead Scrape wins.

Something to keep in mind is that Lead Scrape comes with a free email verification service and integrates with popular email verification services like NeverBounce and others if you want to use an even more advanced verifier.

When you use any lead finder on the market that provides emails, always count in the monthly cost, the price of email verification.


Lead Scrape returned 362 contact names of people working at the company (usually the Owner, Ceo or Manager) Lead Carrot does not return business contacts.

For the rest of the data returned, the two programs are very similar, they both extract address, phone numbers, social media addresses, email address, reviews...


As you can see from the comparison, both programs are great for online marketing, they extract more or less the same kind of data, and the way they work is practically the same (add the keyword you want to search and the location, then let the program do the rest...), and both support any niche worldwide.

Lead Carrot has recently moved more to become a full CRM, while Lead Scrape is only a lead finder, so if you are actually looking for a software that does both, Lead Carrot I think is the only one on the market at the moment. But if you already have a CRM, and what you are after is lists of b2b leads for your business to grow, then Lead Scrape consistently returned more results for every search we performed.

If you are looking for results fast, then LC is best. If you are looking to find more results, validated emails and contacts, then LS is the winner. With Lead Scrape, you can scrape a city at a time or multiple cities. Lead Carrot currently does not have a bulk option but on their website, they say that this is going to be available soon.

Lead Scrape has no daily or monthly limits, Lead Carrot for the cheaper version you can run about 300 searches a week and with the Professional about 2000.

With both programs you will be able to find new prospects for your business or your clients.

As always the best way to see what software solution is best for you is to test both of them out. You can find a link to both trials at the links below.

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Lead Carrot Website

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