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Lead Kahuna Vs Lead Scrape

Today we compare a popular lead generation software called Lead Kahuna to Lead Scrape. We will put to the test the amount of business leads returned, the time taken, and differences between the two apps.

Both applications have many features and are mainly used to find business leads and generate more customers for your company. You can use either software to generate thousands of leads in different categories, extract local business, addresses, emails and websites. Find high value prospects for your brand or your clients brands.

Generating prospects for your business and then turning them into leads is much faster using a lead scraper than doing it manually, automates the manual work in order to leave you or your reps more time to nurture your prospect clients.

We have tested both marketing tools using the same keyword and target city, you can replicate the test for yourself using the links at the end of the article.

Let's see how the two programs compare

For our comparison we choose to use the keywords "Attorneys" and "Nashville TN" as the location.

Lead Kahuna price is $299 a year, Lead Scrape comes in two versions Standard at $97 or Business $247.

For this test we compared the Standard version of Lead Scrape to Lead Kahuna.

Number of results & Speed

Lead Kahuna found 61 leads in 20 minutes, Lead Scrape Standard found 434 leads in 11 minutes.


Both programs perform well, Lead Kahuna allows you to contact those leads via email or phone from inside the software, Lead Scrape is more of a lead generation, in the sense it will scrape hundreds or even thousands of leads with all their contacts, phones and emails, but will leave it up to you how to make contact with them.

Considering email deliverability is a great issue today and the amount of extra leads you can get via Lead Scrape is up to you to decide what app you need.

Another issue we have found with Lead Kahuna is that you can only scrape one city at a time. Lead Scrape Business allows you to scrape a city, state or upload multiple cities or categories, and save the results into one big file.


As you can see from the comparison, the two programs are very similar, they extract more or less the same kind of marketing data, and the way they work is the same (add the keyword you want to search and the location, then let the program do the rest...)

With both programs after each run you will get lots of business leads and a new email list ready for your cold email campaigns.

Kahuna doesn't provide proxies so will will need to purchase those separatly.

As always the best way to see what software solution is best for you is to test both of them out. You can find a link to both trials at the links below.

Lead Scrape Download

Lead Kahuna Download

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