How to quickly Generate Leads

Every business, big or small, always looks for ways to increase their customer base. Having a large market can help them develop and expand their business. This marketing process often takes a long time to pick up, but it can be remedied by looking for a steady source of business leads.

Leads can be an individual or a business that potentially will buy your products or services. They can be very hard to find if you do not know how to look for them in the right places.

To get you started, here are some tips to get new ways to generate qualified leads for your business and sales teams.

Know Your Market

Before you can even start with lead generation, you need to know your target market or audience. You cannot sell or advertise anything to your ideal target audience if you do not know who they are, where they are and how much they are willing to spend. This is where you will need to invest in intensive market research in order to understand your buyer’s behavior, the size of your market share and your competitors’ strategies. 

If you are just starting your small business, you can focus on offering your product and service within your area. As you get reviews from locals, local lead generation would be your starting point, then, you can slowly expand your scope until you can market to a larger audience. Expanding too fast, too soon, will cause you to lose focus and unwisely invest in expansion rather than to hone your current operations.

Create a Sales Campaign

When you have the market and promotional campaign down, you need to find ways to get your potential online clients to share their contact information with you.

One of the ways is to use a lead generation software and create landing pages on your website that will get them to give you their email and details in exchange for a freebie or coupon that is related to your business. While doing this, it is ideal that you have a customer relationship management database (CRM) to monitor these pages. This will help you know who exactly is checking your site and which ones signed up.

Other feasible ways to generate business leads are creating contests, running sales roadshows and word-of-mouth promotions.

Check up Databases to generate leads

If you want to find out the best places where you can find b2b leads for your business, you can manually search the Internet for people or companies interested in your products or services, or you can use lead generation tools like Lead Scrape that does all that tedious work for you.

Once you find the right company, you can reach out to them easily and get them to help you market or purchase your product. Alternatively, there are data mining and lead generation companies that provide lists of databases for telemarketing and emailing marketing purposes, the problem with these purchased lists is that they are often obsolete.

Start a Newsletter

Since you now have a steady flow of visitors to your site, you should build your relationship with them. This will ensure that they will purchase from you and help you get them as returning clients. You can do this by starting a marketing newsletter.

Newsletters must provide subscribers with some basics of what you are offering. It must be catchy and interesting for readers to click to your site. Do not just focus on your products; you can also add related content that will help inform your readers about your industry. You can even include in your insights about certain innovations and products in the newsletter.

Having a free newsletter can help you keep your potential leads constantly in the loop with your own business. Potential clients will be happy to give you their email address, so it can help you quickly generate your very own email list that you can then use in the future for any promotions or special offers you may have.

Use Email Marketing

Aside from newsletters, you can also do email marketing campaigns to generate new business leads. Like newsletters, email marketing will allow you to reach out to your market with the content you wish to share.

When creating an email to generate more leads, you should remember to do the following:
- Try to use personal email addresses
- Make the subject line interesting and keep it short.
- Your content must be brief, compelling and related to your product or services. You can also add relevant information from trusted sources.
- Use social media links to redirect your recipients to your social media pages.
- Use images and videos to convey more than what is actually written in the email. Make sure that these images and videos are email friendly because email providers have limits.
- Put a call-to-action button on the top portion of your email to get people interested.
- Sign the email accordingly and embed a link on it.

Create eBooks

If you are a B2B company or business that offers technical services, it is good if you can create eBooks about your service. There are subscribers who would like to know more about the industry, but do not know where to get decent resources discussing it.

With eBooks, you need to create great content, inform them about the industry they are fascinated with and get them to market your book. As they share the book, it will let those who are interested know about you and drive traffic to your website.

To market your online eBook, create a landing page that will ask your readers to put their details before they are redirected to the download link.

Use Videos to Get leads Interest

Videos are a great way to introduce a product or service to interested consumers, partners, and generating leads.

When it comes to generating videos, people want it to be entertaining and compelling. Take some time to research how you can create a video that will promote your business and get people to purchase what you are offering or generating interest. The video should not be long and winding because it will definitely turn off viewers.

When you finish your video, upload it on Instagram, StumbleUpon, Pinterest or YouTube. These social media sites will help your videos be seen worldwide and some will even help you earn traffic, generate leads and even earnings per viewer. On YouTube, for example, you can insert a link in the video which can redirect the viewers to your website.

Use Social Media

The best way to get conversions and interest to business nowadays is through social media.

This has been rapidly growing and many successful digital marketing agencies and businesses use it to get more leads. You can start by creating an official social media page for your business and use its services to introduce your content and have people follow you.

Your content must be interesting to get people to talk about it and share it. If you do not want to speak about your product all the time, you can share related content from credible sources.

When they reach out to you, you should interact with them and answer inquiries. Once leads know you listen to their inquiries and comments, they will definitely trust you and are more likely to buy your products.

Social media will only get bigger and more important in the years to come, make sure your company makes the most out of it.

Having an effective presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram has become extremely important these days for any business.

Use search Engines

Search engines have become part of our daily life, we use them to search for anything, lead generation is no exception. You can use them to search for businesses in your own city, potential leads looking for your products or services, or even to understand how your competitors are marketing their products, and get ideas off them.

When it comes to search engines, the possibilities are endless, learn how to use them at best and just try to keep the focus on your target market or you will end up with to much data to process.

Ask Influencers

Influencers are now becoming very popular in social media and online marketing, and they are a great way to generate new potential leads and eventually sales. Influencers often share their favorite products and services to people, and get them interested in trying them out for themselves.

Many businesses and companies see the potential of these influencers to drive content, and offer them perks to get them to help them out with marketing campaigns.

Do your research online and see which influencers often post content related to your product or service. You can establish contact by featuring them on your blog or social media page, or ask them to review your product or service. When people see these influencers featured on your page, they will able to relate to them and boost your chance in getting leads.

Visitors to your website sent by an influencer usually have a high conversion rate.

Join Forums

If you want your customers to know more about you, taking part in forums is the best place to go to find and generate new leads.

Forums enable open discussion between users and have means to help them reach out to each other. As you join in the discussion, customers will know more about you and be interested in making contact. You will be surprised to find out how many marketing experts and small business owners are active every day on public forums.

When you do join in forums, make sure to stay active and answer questions truthfully. Remember, faking your responses will only turn off other users from befriending you.

Use Interactive Content

When marketing your brand, you should ensure that your subscribers and visitors are always entertained.

With this in mind, why not add interactive content to get them interested? You can add things like quizzes and free games on your page and get the audience talking. The audience will be captivated by them and share it with their friends if the content is very interesting.

Just make sure that your content is relevant to your product, service or brand because even if the content becomes viral, it may not help your business if it is not related to what you are offering. You want leads related to your business, not any lead.

Attend Networking Events

The Internet is not the only way you can do lead generation; you can also do this offline.

Start by attending networking events like trade shows, which will allow you to interact with industry leaders and fellow industry players.

During these events, you can talk more about the industry, introduce your product and get referrals from interested partners and potential customers. Bring business cards with you and be confident about your services.

Use Automated Marketing

If you do not want to do all the marketing work manually, marketing automation is your answer. You can use automated marketing tools to generate leads for your sales funnel. These tools will help you generate leads and time when your marketing campaign kicks in.

One great marketing tool you can check out is Drip, an application that will time content marketing campaigns with the help of pop-ups and others. The app will even help you collect information about your web visitors and how to get them interested in the product.

If you are using social media like Facebook or Twitter to market your products, you can use their scheduled post features. This will ensure that your account is always active and generate relevant content at the proper moment.

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