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In the digital marketing era of today, people are searching for your product or service online. With millions of companies ranging from start-ups to big multinational corporations competing for the attention of internet users, it is a challenge to get noticed and convert these eyeballs into paying customers. Whether you're an upstart or a global enterprise, generating targeted leads is essential to your bottom line.

Today we tend to use mail and social media to get in contact with people, so it always good to have a good mailing list of companies that potentially are interested in our products or services.

How to get email addresses

While browsing the internet hunting for emails can be a solution, searches can take a very long time. After all, we should know our target market and the area we want leads to be from, so could be this process be automated?

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What is an email extractor

An email extractor is a tool that helps you extract email addresses from content on the web. One of the main reasons to use an email extractor is to create a list of targeted customers for marketing purposes. One of the ways marketers reach out to potential customers is by sending them promotional emails.

For example in Lead Scrape you will put the type of business you are interested in, and the city location, the software will try and find as many businesses and all their details including contact details of people that work for them.

Why not do it manually

You can certainly do the same search manually, but it might take you many hours just to find a couple of dozen email addresses and save them to a csv file. An email extractor will manage to do the job 1000 times faster than a manual search by finding out email addresses for you in a flash, saving you time and giving you time to focus on running your business instead. While it's possible to accomplish the same task manually, an automated software is able to make the creation of an email list much faster.

Extracted emails need to be valid

While you can find many emails related to your business on the web, you need to make sure that all are valid, in order to avoid a high bounce rate. Any email list you have, should be verified by an external email verifier at least every six months. Lead Scrape can extract emails and features with his own free internal email verifier, to make sure each and every email address is valid and remove duplicate emails, only using an email scraper is not enough, you need to have some sort of email verification in place.

Target only related businesses

When you send out an email marketing campaign, your success is all about one thing, relevance. The difference between a successful and a failed email campaign is often the people that you are targeting. Get the right people on board, speak their language, and they'll likely open your emails and read what you have to say because it will be relevant to them if you've done your job correctly. Never send emails out to large numbers of people who might end up ignoring it or unsubscribing from your mailing list altogether. Aim for high quality over quantity when it comes to sending out bulk email.

Do not spam

While having an email extractor that can supply an enormous amount of new emails, it is important you only use email marketing in an ethical way. Only send to companies in your business field and that could be interested in your product or service, never mass send, you will have a much higher conversion rate with a smaller group that are related to the kind of product or service you are offering.


It's no secret that email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of lead generation for your business. An email extractor can help you put together a long list of companies to contact about your product or service, but we recommend making sure each entry has been verified and then targeting only those who would potentially be interested in your deal. After all, you want as high a conversion rate as possible!

Running a business can be tough, but getting your message out to potential customers is just a click away. Use Lead Scrape to find all the email addresses you'll need, and start building relationships with potential customers today.

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