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Below you can read the software manual, if you want to read the frequently asked questions we receive, click here, if you want to watch some training videos of Lead Scrape, click here.

Lead Scrape Manual

Lead Scrape helps you create lists of potential customers. Simply type the business you are interested and the city and country. The software will return a list of business leads with full address details, website, email and contact person of the business. Plus it will verify all emails scraped to make sure they are valid.


System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements

* Microsoft Windows Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (64 Bit only)

* Mac OS 10.12 or Later

* Fast Internet connection

Creating a new project

From this screen you have to select:

- Type of business you are searching

- Location (City)

- Country

- Output file location

- Search for emails will scrape emails from the found businesses

- Verify Emails will verify each extracted email and remove all non-valid emails from the final results

- Extract Social Media and Contacts will find all social media pages for each business (Facebook, Twitter...) and contact people working at the company

- Deep search for emails will try to find more emails from the scraped businesses

- Advertising Platforms / Mobile Reponsive will test each website to see if they are mobile responsive and find if the extracted business uses ads and on what platforms

- Extract Reviews / Ratings / Followers will try and find reviews and ratings for each business

When you are done with the options click on "Search for Business Leads" button to start scraping

 In the example below we are going to scrape all restaurants in the city of Los Angeles in California, US, their emails, we have selected "Deep search for Emails" to get the max possible emails, verify emails will remove any invalid emails from the final results.

You can watch a training video about the main screen options Here.

The Options screen

To enter the options screen click on the button in the top right on the main screen.

Here can register the software and check registrations info.

You can edit the list of disallowed emails and contacts (these will be removed and not be present in the final scrape)

Select if you want only one or more emails and contacts from each business

The option "Remove Role-Based Emails" removes emails like "info@company.com", sales@company.com....all general and non-personal emails.

You can select the interface language

The "External API Keys" button allows you to set up some Optional APIs to help improve the software results.

Below a screenshot of the options screen.

You can watch a training video about the options screen Here.

Projects Screen

To access your projects, from the main screen click on the lens magnifier icon. You will see the list of all your past projects, access for each one of them the Excel or Csv file and be able to delete any of them. From this screen you can also see how many results you got from each scrape and the date it was performed.

Upload File of Cities to scrape (Business License only)

If you have certains cities you want to scrape, then you can create a text file with one city per line and upload the file. Lead Scrape will scrape all cities one by one and return one file with all results. Note that you need to use the format -> one city per line, and you will not have to add the country in the file uploaded, the country is pulled from the drop down menu in the all. Below is an example of a correct file format.

Uploaded Cities List

In the image above you are telling the software we want to scrape the following five cities (New York City, Miami, San Diego, Chicago)

Ex. In the keyword we use "Plumber", then we upload a text file like the above one, the we select "United States" as the country from the drop down menu.

Lead scrape will scrape all plumbers in those five cities and return one big file with all the results at the end.

Always remember to put the two letter State code after the city (Ex. San Diego CA) for US cities, do not use the State for other countries.

The city list upload is not available in the Standard License, only in the Business license.

Only text format is supported, one city per each line.

Scrape an entire State (Business License only)

With the Business license you can scrape an entire State or County at a time, simply use your search keyword and the State or county, Lead Scrape will do the rest.

Ex. Say that you want to scrape all restaurants in California, put Restaurants as the keyword and California as the location (in the dropdown it will show California [State]). Same applies for any other keyword/State.

Upload File of Categories to scrape (Business License only)

If you have certains categories (business types) you want to scrape, then you can create a text file with one category per line and upload the file. Lead Scrape will scrape all categories one by one and return one file with all results. Note that you need to use the format -> one category per line. Below is an example of a correct file format. Please note you can only select a city as the location when multiple categories are selected.


You can now integrate different popular apps to further improve the final results. For the full list and details, Click Here.

License Registration

When you purchase your license you do not need to download anything else. You will immediatly receive a license key. Simply copy and paste that key in the bottom left corner of the screen and click the button "Register".


Click Here to read the Frequently Asked Questions about Lead Scrape


To Uninstall Lead Scrape

There are two ways to uninstall Lead Scrape

 1. Click Start -> Setting -> Control Panel. Double click "Add/Remove Programs" on Control Panel, select "Lead Scrape" and click the button "Modify/Remove" and then follow the uninstall wizard.

2. Click Start -> Programs -> Lead Scrape-> Uninstall Lead Scrape and then follow the uninstall wizard.